Monthly Tremont ArtWalk Becomes Walkabout Tremont

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Tremont has been synonymous with art since the late 1980s. That was when gallery owners and artists began moving into the neighborhood, attracted by low real-estate prices, an edgy quality and the area’s central location. They soon banded together to attract more art enthusiasts, which led to the first Tremont ArtWalk in February 1993.


In 2016, a second art renaissance is underway: Just as Tremont has become a diverse, walkable neighborhood brimming with art, architecture, food, fashion, festivals, boutique retail and churches, Tremont ArtWalk has become Walkabout Tremont—a weekend-long showcase of creativity that begins on the second Friday evening of every month.


Walkabout Tremont evokes—and dramatically expands—the spirit and scope of the original ArtWalk. The signature Friday night event features extended hours at galleries and shops; restaurant and bar specials; street performers; pop-up art with dozens of tented exhibitors; neighborhood walking tours; and more.


What’s more, Walkabout Tremont encourages visitors to amble right through the weekend. There are more than 30 bed & breakfast and Airbnb locations in the neighborhood, and plenty of things to see and do all the way to Sunday.


Giancarlo Calicchia—nationally-known sculptor and painter—may have said it best: “Tremont is what a neighborhood should be: warm, friendly, diverse, energetic and easy to explore on foot. I’ve had a studio and gallery here for years and love that I still call Tremont home. I’m excited that we’re breathing new life into a monthly event that’s had an amazing 23-year run. Art is still at the core of the neighborhood, but there’s so much more here that we can’t wait to showcase.”


Art flourishes in Tremont’s galleries (as well as in many restaurants, coffee shops and bars), but there is yet another creative facet awaiting Walkabout visitors: Tremont is home to one of the largest concentration of churches in the country, many of which will be open to the public on Walkabout evenings. Onion domes. Tall spires. Lavish woodwork. Intricate mosaics. Stone carvings. Colorful paintings. Tiffany windows. They’re all part of a weekend geared to feeding visitors’ creative side.


“All people have the child artist in them. Tremont is a great place to connect with that early love of creativity; and the second Friday and weekend of each month promises to be an ideal time to do just that,” said artist and resident Jill LeMieux.



Walkabout Tremont: June 10, 11, 12; July 8, 9, 10; August 12, 13, 14

Taste of Tremont: July 10

Arts in August: weekends in Lincoln Park throughout August

Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival: September 17 & 18



Walkabout Tremont

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