Loren Naji Presents Art During the RNC: All Political Parties Welcome!


This summer I will create a new body of work, including large and small abstract paintings and spherical sculptures. These urban influenced, contemporary works, perfectly suited to pristine office or restaurant environments, could also be the centerpiece of any living room.  This art will be for sale in my West 25th Street, Ohio City gallery during the Republican National Convention (July 18 – 21). All political parties are welcome to visit Loren Naji Studio Gallery during the RNC. I will be readily available to show visitors my new work. Simply call me at 330.414.5706 before stopping by.


For Rooms to Let  in Slavic Village (May 21 and  22), I am collaborating with (CAN Journal editor) Michael Gill. I had the idea of covering the walls, floor, and ceiling of a bathroom with pages of past CAN Journals showing the history of this publication. Now you can read CAN in the can while sitting on the can at Rooms to Let 2016.


Once again I’ve been selected to customize a dog sculpture for the “Art Fur Animals” annual fundraiser on Saturday, May 21.


In Collinwood, I’m collaborating with Amy Callahan of Waterloo Arts, creating the “Underfoot Gallery,” a unique approach to displaying art. Local artists will be given wood panels to use as their canvas. The finished art will be installed as flooring, creating a gallery underfoot rather than on the walls.


May 28 from 11 am to 11 pm, I will co-host With Amy Calahan and Arts Collinwood, a community wide painting party, Collinwood Painting Revolution (CPR). The public will collaborate on large canvases, while selected artists paint community benches.


 I have invited Tina Ripley to curate a show at Loren’s Art Lounge. She will be presenting “Ready-Mades” a tribute to Marcel Duchamp on June 3!


That same night, my Satellite Gallery will be opening with “Zenith”, featuring new incredible installations!


My large eight-foot diameter spherical sculpture/time capsule “Emoh” (Home spelled backwards), embarks on a multi-city tour in September, including Toronto. I will temporarily live inside this debris covered sculpture, alluding to homelessness, vacancy, and landfills….Yes, I will live in a ball!


RNC Art Sale: July 18 – 21

Art Fur Animals: May 21

Rooms To Let: Slavic Village: 1-5 pm Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22

CPR: Collinwood Painting Revolution: Arts Collinwood, 11 am – 11 pm May 28

Ready-Mades: Tribute to Marcel Duchamp, curated by Tina Ripley: Loren’s Art Lounge, June 3

Zenith: Satellite Gallery June 3

Emoh: Multi-City Tour: September, 2016


Loren Naji Studio Gallery

2138 West 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113




Satellite Gallery

442 East 156th Street

Cleveland, OH, Earth 44110.


Loren’s Art Lounge

15605 Waterloo, upstairs

Cleveland, OH 44110