E11even 2: It’s All in the Name

e11even2 CAN_1


An entrepreneur, a firefighter and a photographer walk into a bar… It sounds like the beginning to a joke, but there’s no punch line in this story.  In fact, that’s exactly how e11even 2 was conceived: a group of friends met up to discuss the “what if…” question of opening a gallery together.


R!ch Cihlar, Billy Nainiger and Christina Sadowski are the visionaries behind e11even 2 (pronounced eleven 2), a very serious but very lively contemporary gallery at 78th Street Studios.  What’s with the name E11even 2? “It’s just a creative way to say our suite number, which is suite #112,” say the owners.  “We couldn’t agree on a name, so we just called it what it is (11-2).”


“E11even 2 feels like home,” says artist and owner Billy Nainiger.  “We split the space into two distinct halves: using one side for our group and solo exhibitions and the other for our personal work.” The gallery was designed with the artists’ unique styles in mind.  Some of the gallery walls have been clad in reclaimed wood, and some of the walls are built with metal mesh, but all of the walls are highlighted with the sensitivity of our homes.  It’s a place where everyone feels welcome.


E11even 2 spares no expense with its characteristic exhibitions and adventurous artists. It hones the space as a well-oiled machine that delivers a crowd-pleasing exhibition every time. Owner R!ch Cihlar says, “our objective is really to allow our guests to have a great time. We thrive on the interaction our guests have with us and our space. I think that’s what people relate to.”


This power trio has reinvented gallery openings with distinctive themed group shows and iconic solo exhibitions that play off of pop culture influence. Their exhibitions submerge all of the human senses not only with visual artwork but layered installations and take-away gifts handed out to guests. And don’t forget about the limited run trademark koozies that e11even 2 is well known for having at each opening. “Koozies are a way we stay connected to our guests,” says owner Christina Sadowski. “We have created this quirky gift that our clients collect like baseball cards.”


E11even 2 consistently seeks local professional artists. Artists may inquire through our website, e11even2.com.



1305 West 80th Street, Suite 112

Cleveland, Ohio 44102‎



27: May 20 – June 17 2016
Lucky Charms: July 15 – August 19, 2016
YADA YADA YADA: A Seinfeld Art Exhibit: September 16 – October 21, 2016
Pure Imagination: November 18 – December 16, 2016