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Artists are Zygote’s driving purpose, and the co-founders, Joe Sroka, Kelly Novak, Bellamy Printz and myself (all artists) needed the space, the community, and the equipment to survive creatively. Opening the conversation and the physical doors to Zygote led to a movement of cooperative, shared maker spaces that now facilitate community projects and programs as well as community place-making throughout Cleveland.


Over the last 20 years, Zygote has provided artists with facilities and equipment, opportunities for collaboration, research, professional development, and education. We’ve reached beyond the boarders of our community to offer residencies, opportunities to exhibit and curate, internships, contract edition printing, archive inclusion, and critical dialogue to artists from around the world and around the block. These offerings are vital and meaningful to the artists we have been honored to know and serve.


Our proudest moments have also been some of our hardest. Losing artists Craig Lucas and Tony Bartholomew in the same year, we felt compelled to honor and celebrate their incredible work and contribution to the creative community in Cleveland. We have relied on innovation and vision to address some of the challenges that arts and cultural communities face. When the economic recession hit, our dedication to artists and the arts lead to the development of the Collective Arts Network. And while transportation continues to be a challenge when it comes to serving kids and schools, we found a way to turn awkward, heavy printing presses in to mobile units that can be (and are!) brought directly to students through our rentable Press-on-Wheels program.


With that said, Zygote’s steadfast dedication has impacted our organization in great and mysterious ways.  This expansive stretch of rapid growth has most recently led us to a place of introspection. After several years of doing more, we are refocusing, reevaluating, retooling for 2016. Our goal for the next 20 years is not only a renewed commitment to artists but also more meaningful, substantive, and accessible art experiences for everyone in our community.


We cherish, support, and want to indulge artists of every discipline: creators, designers, architects, graphic gurus, interested learners, new print rookies, recent graduates, retired creatives, revolutionaries, gig poster renegades, past alumni, resident artists, print merch folks, artists who want editions, poets and illustrators. We believe that artists create their best work when they have access to the right equipment, 100% non-toxic materials that are safe for them and the environment without compromising quality, and the electric energy of a supportive, cooperative creative space. We want you to come and Be Zygote Now! Free the Ink 20 is a marvelous time to celebrate you– artists who have made this region so beautiful, unique and authentic!




Zygote Press

1410 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114



Opening Reception: Creative Fusion artist Behrang Samadzadegan: Nov. 6 – 21

Ink House (Holiday) Walk All Over Waterloo: 6-8pm December 4

Holiday Off the Wall Sale at Zygote- noon – 6 pm  December 5,  Holiday party, 1-3 pm. Show runs through December

Lisa Occhipenti, Artist in Residence (Artist Edition generously supported by Gretchen Parks and Soros/Columbel) January 4-17, 2016

Fandom 216: three locations, January 10- February 20, 2016

Fandom 216 Kick off Tailgate Party at Waterloo Arts: January 10, 2016

Fandom 216 Reception Hedge Gallery: January 15, 2016

Sarah McKenzie, Artist in Residence (Artist Edition generously supported by Soros/Columbel) January 23 – February 6, 2016

Fandom 216 reception Zygote Press January 29

Free The Ink House 20 / Walk All Over Waterloo: 6-8 pm February 5

Fandom 216 / Superbowl 50 Chili Cook Off at Waterloo Arts February 7