Fall at the Morgan

Morgan-Aimee Lee duck

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Morgan Conservatory is excited to announce our 8th Annual Benefit and Silent Auction, Saturday October 3, 2015. This fantastic event will feature dancing, paper fashion on live models, special drinks and our much anticipated silent auction. This year’s benefit will include Paper Trails, a silent auction comprised of artwork donated to Morgan Conservatory using Engravers Paper, a specialty paper that has been developed with the help of professional wood engravers and created at the Conservatory. Come out and get your mojo movin’ at the Morgan!


Guild of Book Workers

Just in time for Octavofest, Morgan Conservatory and Cleveland’s book and paper community welcomes the Guild of Book Workers for their annual national convention. “Standards of Excellence” will be held at the Wyndham Hotel October 15-17. Featuring speakers on miniature books, hand papermaking, and bookbinding, Standards of Excellence is open to members and non-members alike. Register on-line at guildofbookworkers.org/standards. In addition, The Guild sponsors a marketplace featuring vendors from all over the country.   The market is open to the public; you do not need to be registered to visit or shop. Come celebrate the book with the Guild of Book Workers and Octavofest!



Works of Aimee Lee & Kristin Martincic

Oct 15 – Dec 5, 2015

To close our gallery season, Aimee Lee and Kristen Martincic will exhibit artwork that explores themes of water and swimming in Buoyancy. Martincic grew up swimming in and around Lake Erie; this sparked her fascination with water and prompted her subtle prints, paper life jackets, pool floats, and water installations. Last year, Lee led the launch of our Eastern Paper Studio, where she produces Asian-style papers for books, prints, and sculpture—most notably a series of intricately woven paper ducks in colors derived from natural dyes. Both will present artist talks for members prior to the October 15th opening reception.


Annual Kozo Harvest 2015

Each year, after the first frost of the season, we harvest our Kozo grove. All summer long our crop grows like mad, producing tall strong stalks of fiber that we use to make paper, and each fall we cut it all down to make use of that fiber. This year’s harvest will take place on November 14-15 from 10am-4pm and we encourage you to join us in this yearly tradition.


A community event, the Kozo harvest allows those who participate to get an in-depth look at what goes into turning our trees into beautiful handmade paper and they will be given the opportunity to get hands on experience in harvesting, steaming, scraping, and beating Kozo.



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