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  • "SOUVENIRS OF AN INDELIBLE TIME: The passing of John W. Carlson tears Cleveland’s cultural fabric" in 10(1) Spring 2021 & Articles
  • "A Truce: Coventry PEACE Campus and Heights Libraries come to terms" in Blog
  • "SHUFFLEHEAD" in 9(3) Fall 2020 & Articles
  • "Showdown at Coventry: PEACE Campus in jeopardy" in Blog
  • "Shufflehead: A Good Reason to Look at Your Phone" in Blog
  • "Belt’s Midwest Architecture Journeys" in Blog
  • "MIXING IT UP WITH CLEVELAND ARTISTS" in 7(2) Summer 2018 & Articles
  • "Coventry Peace Campus beefs up with proposal for millennial housing" in 6(4) Winter 2017/2018
  • "GOLDEN BOY Dale Goode tackles urban issues in sculptures with a special glint" in 6(4) Winter 2017/2018