Honey Pierre at Framed Gallery

Honey Pierre

Honey Pierre is more than a Black girl painting.  As an emerging artist, her ritual comes from a spiritual place using organic shapes, patterns, and flowing movements throughout her works. Likewise, she creates a unique style in her fiber works that captures the soul and spaces within her community.

Pierre embraces her artistic expression with the use of weirdly positioned lines, markings, and a diverse array of color pairings that ultimately showcase the true manifestation of community within her work that enables the vibrant pigments to explode with strength, love, and positivity.

Her practice includes murals, fiber art, collage, and traditional painting. The artist has participated in more than forty exhibitions, in addition to working with community-based nonprofit organizations in the Cleveland area. She is entirely self-taught, having never attended an art college or enrolled in any art programs in school. Rather, she learned her craft and art by connecting and observing other artists.

For Honey Pierre, artistic skill is a symbol of self-love, and therapy for expressing her innermost thoughts.

15813 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44110

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