Cleveland Print Room: Curating Place-Based Identity

Photo by Jimena Horta

The summer of 2023 brings transformational change, renewed energy, and excitement to Cleveland Print Room (CPR). Continuing our work with dedication and rigor, we are diligently curating a place-based identity to give CPR a more permanent home—a place where CPR can more deeply support its mission, vision, and values. During this transition, our programming will continue to be on display throughout the city.

The first of our main public exhibitions this summer, starting in June, invites the community to be privy to the experiences of people who menstruate relating to reproductive and mental health. Jimena Horta’s exhibition Síihil—the title taken from the Mayan word meaning “birth”—is her exploration of “the re-meaning of menstruation through entering my interior, rediscovering myself as a woman, reconciling myself with my own body, understanding it, exploring it and honoring it,” and “also…the longing of my deep desire of becoming a mother.”

Later this summer, CPR will begin the project, KIN, with curated exhibitions and workshops. This intergenerational project examines ways to honor Black Americans’ imagery and narratives with photography as the tool for self-empowerment and social change, expanding the discourse around family stories and archives. By elevating the voices of the artists in our own community, we are in turn offering an opportunity to reexamine how we will live in communities together.


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