Minutiae of Humanity Shall Overcome the Beast

Misogynist, by Scott Kraynak, magic marker, pen, watercolor, gesso and acrylic.

In an attempt to escape what he describes as the “Trump Nightmare,” Scott Kraynak visited Ecuador in the winter of 2019. He intended to explore the incredible nature, watch and hear the astounding array of birds, witness firsthand the beautiful art created by Ecuadorian masters, experience the culture, taste the food and simply spend a little part of his life in such a wonderful country.

What he didn’t expect was meeting and having meaningful encounters with so many amazing local people. The time he spent with these kind, hard-working, beautiful, and genuine people created a lasting impression on him.

Kraynak’s experiences with the citizens of Ecuador were in stark contrast with his feelings toward the Trump administration. He envisioned this exhibit to convey, through a series of portraits, the vast differences that he sees between everyday Ecuadorian people and the Trump administration, which he views as an embarrassment that is destroying the image of the United States throughout the world.

Kraynak presents the Ecuadorian people with grace and detail, and with heartfelt care and genuine artistic interpretation. His depictions of Trump, on the other hand, are meant to be derogatory, demeaning, and offensive. He created these pieces with magic marker to reflect Trump’s childish and immature behavior and opinions. Since these images are offensive, they are “censored” from the rest of the exhibit. In order to view these pieces, people must enter through a wall, representing the oppression of others’ voices, rights, and opinions, as well as separating Trump’s incendiary views and actions from the humanity and goodness represented by the Ecuadorian portraits.

Kraynak’s hope is that the viewers of this exhibit will come away with the idea that money, power, fame, and status don’t determine the quality of a person or their standing as a world citizen. What is of vital importance is the good in a person’s heart, their character, and how they treat others’ humanity. All exhibition profits will go towards purchasing land for the Maquipucuna Reserve in Ecuador.

A graduate of Kent State University and a Mayfield Heights native, Kraynak is a photographer and painter who has exhibited in galleries from coast to coast. His work is represented in permanent collections throughout the world. An author/illustrator of several books, his most recent release was The heART of Cleveland, a 154-page book that details Cleveland’s diversity and creativity through photography, illustration, paintings, essays, sculpture, installations and poetry from some of the city’s finest artists both past and present.






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