HEDGE: Allowing Art to Heal Us

Hillcrest by Katy Richards, oil on panel, 20” x 20” 2019

Gaze \verb. \gāz\.:to look steadily and intently, as with great curiosity, interest, pleasure or wonder.

In the midst of learning new social media tools, sending emails and newsletters, and uploading videos, I have also taken more time to gaze at the art in my home. Looking intently at artwork calms my mind. It gives me insight on how something was created; it communicates emotion; and as a fellow artist, it inspires me to create.

I find myself appreciating the healing properties of art during this time of uncertainty. I can’t visit artists’ studios or curate their work into shows; but I can look at art, make it, and I can allow those experiences to comfort my mind and body.

To our friends, creative community and supporters, I want to take this opportunity to thank you! Your messages, encouragement and visits have always inspired me, and they continue to motivate my eleventh year of operating HEDGE Gallery in 78th Street Studios.

Artists, my hope is that I will have the opportunity to continue representing you to the best of my ability. Your talents, stories and enthusiasm influence the creative energy that is HEDGE Gallery, and I sincerely thank you for allowing me to exhibit your work.

As a curator and an event planner in the midst of this pandemic, I am challenged with communicating my business solely through the use of technology. Not being able to invite people in to experience the artwork or the way it’s curated into an exhibition is frustrating, but I have to remind myself on a daily basis that this is temporary. I look forward to being able to safely present beautiful and thoughtful exhibitions again!

I hope you will consider allowing art to heal you as well.

See you on the other side!


Katy Richards would have been exhibiting her most recent work at HEDGE Gallery this June. Due to our exhibitions being rescheduled, Richards’ new opening reception date will be announced. Her incredible oil paintings are still available for sale through the Gallery. Please contact Hilary for details.

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