Inner City Hues

For over a year, LAND studio has convened a public art and greenspace advisory committee made up of residents, artists, community advocates, and activists with a focus on generating culturally relevant public art in Cleveland’s Buckeye and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods as well as strengthening the network of local artists who reside in these communities.

The culmination of their work is Inner City Hues, a series of murals and installations along Buckeye and Kinsman Roads, all scheduled to be completed at the end of summer. While enlivening these commercial corridors by creating visual vibrancy, Inner City Hues also reflects the neighborhood’s voice and identity by inspiring and facilitating conversation and participation among area residents.

The five featured artists: acerbic, Cleveland Skribe Tribe, Derin Fletcher, Gary Clark, and Shooting w/o Bullets, actively engaged the community through a series of workshops at community centers and schools during the first half of this year to present their project ideas, gather input from the community, and host activities and discussions to help shape their installations.

Inner City Hues is funded by the Saint Luke’s Foundation. Local artists are also engaged to assist with the outreach and documentation of the project including the INDI group and T.H.A. League Management. Come join the conversation by visiting the installations and find out more by checking out the website at and Instagram page at

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