Aspects at Bonfoey

Andrea Joki, Wave

The Bonfoey Gallery’s final exhibition in conjunction with FRONT International, Aspects, will feature gallery artists Andrea Joki, Amber Kempthorn, Deb Lawrence, Dana Oldfather, Frank Oriti, and Marc Ross. The artwork presented will highlight the artists’ different perspectives and experiences.

Andrea Joki is a Cleveland-based painter who uses geometric shapes and distinct colors to create a sense of her experience and space. She is inspired by road trips—whether it’s the unexpected twists and turns of the adventure or the conversations with strangers along the way.

Amber Kempthorn’s artwork creates a physical location where reality and imagination interweave. The mysterious landscapes are designed from a hierarchy of memories through text, pictographs, and symbols. She uses pastels, airbrushing, stencils, and collage to create fascinating illustrated stories.

Deb Lawrence uses antique linens which she folds and paints into unique abstract works that focus on psychology and feminism. By transforming the nineteenth century handwoven linens into new artworks, she highlights the beauty and strength of the unknown women who originally wove them, while also giving new life and meaning to each.

Dana Oldfather develops gravity, perspective, atmosphere, and light in her paintings to create impossible objects and environments. These works serve as a channel for her emotions, transforming them into physical and beautiful images.

Frank Oriti paints portraits of those who have left their hometowns only to return. He focuses on the separation between their surroundings and the people who inhabit them. Their faces illustrate the feeling of “settling” in their lifestyle and of loss with the return.

Marc Ross

Marc Ross creates an escape from the technological advances and constant information of every day in his paintings. He offers images inspired by experiences and memories which spark introspection. Through closer inspection, each piece harbors intricate details built from mixed media.

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