CAN Triennial Dealer Guide: WGS Productions

Randall Tiedman, Deep Water CarouselWGS

WGS Productions is proud to present three artists who, for decades, have made a significant contribution to the Cleveland art scene. It was during his time in Cleveland that Gary Spinosa developed his unique brand of ceramic and mixed media works. Randall Tiedman and Michael Prunty were fully engaged in the best painting of their lives when they were suddenly taken by heart problems.

Gary Spinosa (b. 1947 Nashville, Tennessee) came to Cleveland to attend the Institute of Art and graduated in 1972. He dabbled in painting and printmaking but found his true calling in sculptural creations. His subject matter is very different from other sculptors: animals, birds and humans are often blended together with antiqued and polychromed finishes, evoking an ancient, spiritual, mystical nature. Pieces range in size from small, talisman-like “stones” to mummies, architectural shrines and large, free-standing figures.

Randall Tiedman (1949-2012) was a life-long Clevelander who endlessly explored landscape and figurative subjects. His 1980s pastel and acrylic landscapes exploded with color and energy, similar to Charles Burchfield’s paintings. The 1990s produced more expressive acrylic and oil paintings of figures and mechanical devices. But the last six years of his painting career were devoted to visionary works he called “Inscapes,” majestic views conjured from random memory and driven by classical music. Most of these works were done on a large scale and are reminiscent of the historic Hudson River School vistas, full of awe and wonder.

Michael Prunty (1952-2015) was a longtime illustrator and creative advertising director both in Cleveland and Los Angeles. He had art school training at the Cooper School and CIA, gravitating to watercolor painting. Michael saw the beauty in everything around him, but his favorite subjects became the Flats and the Cuyahoga River, incorporating nature and the industrial city. His mastery of the transparent watercolor medium allowed him to imbue his compositions with magical qualities of light and atmospheric effects.

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