CAN Triennial Dealer Guide: Watershed Artist Book Collective

Wendy Partridge, Restoration Area

Anna Tararova

Anna Tararova was born in Russia. She received an MFA in printmaking from Ohio University. Anna is a printmaker and papermaker. She completed artist residencies at Women’s Studio Workshop, the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago, the Morgan Conservatory, and Dundee Contemporary Arts, and she exhibits her work internationally. Anna teaches papermaking, printmaking, and photography classes for children and adults.

Wendy Partridge

Wendy Partridge’s books are about specific times and locations: an unplowed prairie remnant at the height of summer or a hike through a recently restored wetland. Her text is always her own and set by hand with lead or wood type. Making a book is a many-month endeavor that evolves from ideas and sketches to pared down text and mock-ups of the book’s structure. Because of all the planning and because setting type by hand is such a slow process, she enjoys creating images that emerge more spontaneously, using processes like monoprinting and pressure printing.


Michael Gill

Michael Gill came to woodcut and letterpress printing as a writer, looking for a way to pass along stories and poetry to his children when they were learning to read. His books are not autobiographical, but are entirely of his life, with stories involving bicycles, trains, bonfires, cats, a pocket full of coins, moonlight, and litter. The scenes are inspired by Cleveland, with examples of specific buildings, vernacular architecture, skeletal trees, and local graffiti, all rendered in multicolor woodcut prints.


Jacob Koestler

These books conflate the traditional idea of a cameras ability to document reality. By focusing on confusing and overfilled compositions and embracing photography’s intrinsic flaws such as light leaks and multiple exposures, Koestler portrays the invisible histories that inhabit our landscapes. While Something in the Way, but Barely There uses a waterlogged book of illustrated ghost stories as its catalyst, Even When I’m Here, I’m Gone depicts the act of daydreaming; in this book, the idea that our thoughts can be somewhere different than our physical body is complimented by Noelle Richard’s drawings of dystopian landscapes similar to those found in science fiction.


Michael Loderstedt

Michael Loderstedt creates artist books, largely combining photographic images and text, in both traditional printmaking and digitally-produced formats. The works examine diverse subjects from early colonial sites in North America to the artist’s own family history, as well as collaborations with many contemporary writers, and explore a variety of formats including cloth-bound folios, accordion structures and simple one-page formats. His unique books are held in many private collections, as well as the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Center for Book Arts in NYC and the Kupferstiche Kabinette in Dresden, Germany