CAN Triennial Dealer Guide: Cleveland Print Room

The Cleveland Print Room is a nonprofit community darkroom, education center, workspace, and dedicated photographic gallery. Through advocacy we advance the art and appreciation of the photographic image by providing affordable access to our darkroom, exhibitions, educational programming, and collaborative community outreach. The greatest strength of our organization is the creation of innovative programming and exhibitions that bring forward ideas, issues, and perspectives relevant to our times.

The artists Cleveland Print Room will represent at the CAN Triennial Gallery Pavilion are Aja Grant, Lori Kella, Michael Loderstedt, Greg Martin, and Arnold Tunstall.

Aja Grant, Calendula

Emerging artist Aja Grant is a photographer documenting the corners of Cleveland, and how this city has shaped our relationships: inviting people to think about relationships with the self and their surroundings, and how to manipulate our environment in a positive sense.

Lori Kella is an artist who explores historical, environmental, and personal connections to the land by creating artificial landscapes and photographing them to reveal hidden narratives and uncanny views of commonplace scenes.

Michael Loderstedt works to reveal histories, geographies and habitats of this region with new photographs examining Cleveland’s uneasy relationship with its boundary waters. In a series of recent work entitled Dark Waters, Loderstedt photographs at night with homemade film cameras and digital cameras mounted with vintage lenses.

Clevelander Greg Martin is an artist and designer who has been using the historic wet plate collodion photo process as a means of artistic exploration and creative expression for the past fifteen years. His fascination with the cityscapes of Cleveland has manifested itself in a series of images exploring the city he loves. Martin’s recent work pushes the boundaries of this challenging medium, using it in ways that exploit its specific attributes, nuances and inherent difficulties, and celebrating its sculptural qualities to address contemporary issues and push its aesthetic into new and unexplored regions.

In his current work, Arnold Tunstall explores the glut of imagery that we encounter daily, and how we process and order this visual language. He also continues to be fascinated by black and white film and the resulting surreal or theatrical quality that is often heightened when we see the world in monochrome.

In addition, we will offer a variety of artwork by Cleveland Print Room artist-members.

Cleveland Print Room 

2550 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Shari Wilkins, Executive Director