CAN Triennial Dealer Guide: ArtCraft Studio

This collection of six artists share a cooperative studio space in the ArtCraft Building, a longtime home for artists and makers, in the former garment district a few blocks east of downtown Cleveland.

Our presentation will focus on current artwork, recent collaborations and forays into new materials or themes. Our goal is to engage CAN Triennial and FRONT patrons with finished works as well as a demonstration of our creative process as a diverse group of studio artists. Here are brief introductions to the six artists who call the 6th Floor Studio in the ArtCraft Building home:

Janet Luken, artist and educator, expresses how she emotionally responds to many subjects through dynamic lighting, custom color and landscape elements. Currently, Janet is creating a nighttime series of paintings titled Roots and Dreams. The stories behind these represent family relationships, human and planet balances, and reflections about our place in the universe.

Randy Maxin is a Pittsburgh-born/Cleveland-based artist. He is a gallery owner and manager, curator and collaborator. Known mostly for abstract paintings and collages, Randy’s body of work reveals his training in and passion for painting, film and photography. Currently, Randy dedicates his time to Ramparts Gallery, which he co-owns with Mark Yasenchack. They have recently opened at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland’s Gordon Square neighborhood.

Ikuko Miklowski was born in Sapporo, Japan, and came to the US in 1995. She began to study pottery making in 1998, and quickly developed an award-winning signature style. Ikuko has traveled extensively in Japan visiting the ancient kiln sites of Imbe, Echizen, Shigaraki, and Mashiko among others. Ikuko has received art training in the US at Tri-C.

Katina Pastis Radwanski finds balance as both a painter and a sculptor. Employing a meditative sketching technique, she lands upon an image which she feels has both significant personal meaning and visual strength. The resulting pieces most often portray human interactions, contemporary political climates or her own life experience. These are intended as open-ended statements to be interpreted according to the observer’s frame of reference.

Christine Ries depicts her journey of living in Northeast Ohio by painting the individuals who enter her life as well as the surrounding landscapes. Her use of emotional color projects a certain mood to her compositions and tells the story of her subjects. Color is broken into shapes as she continues to push her work into abstraction.

Mark Yasenchack is a teaching artist whose studio work is transitioning from ceramic vessels to mosaic murals. Artist-made clay tiles are featured in his mosaics and are used to create field tile that resemble old cobblestone roads or stone walls unearthed in archeological digs. He is co-owner of Ramparts Gallery with Randy Maxin.

Throughout CAN Triennial and FRONT, the 6th Floor Artists Studio will be open for studio tours for individual art enthusiasts or interested groups. Please call Mark Yasenchack at 216.407.3685 to make arrangements for your visit.

ArtCraft Studio

2570 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44114