Donald Black Jr.: A Day That No One Will Remember, at Shaker Community Gallery

Donald Black, Jr., Balancing Act

Donald Black Jr. lives on what he calls, “the gunshot side of Shaker Heights.” Shaker Heights is adjacent to the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood—the neighborhood where he lived as a child. Black explores and photographs this neighborhood and the people around him, creating striking and bold images of black children in their natural element. He refers to this exploration as “an insider’s perspective.”

“They remind me of me,” says Black. These are the people that he wants to live forever. These are the missing images in the worldwide database of photo history. Black has made a specific commitment to create in and with the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood. This exhibition is a selection of images from a series entitled, A Day That No One Will Remember. Opening reception is Wednesday, July 11 from 6:00 to 9:00pm. The show runs through Saturday, September 8.

Shaker Community Gallery

Christ Episcopal Church

3445 Warrensville Center Road

Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122