LAND studio: Corner Light

- Photo © Bob Perkoski,

– Photo © Bob Perkoski,

Illuminating Cleveland’s Public Square with bold, luminous signs and symbols is Corner Light, the third installation in the Landform public art series curated by LAND studio. Created by Cleveland SGS, a collaborative of Cleveland-based artists, Corner Light was inspired by the ability of neighborhoods to define the character of a city.

Corner Light is composed of brightly colored, illuminated injection-molded and cut plastic signs that feature everything from traditional directional symbols to ambiguous language like “No Returns” and “Always Watch the Corners.” Located atop the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Concert Hill in the square’s northeast corner, the installation naturally captures the attention of both casual passersby and public art aficionados.

For more than a decade, the artists of Cleveland SGS have investigated the hidden meaning behind the commercial narrative of their hometown, and Corner Light unites a number of the collective’s passions.

“Day in day out,” an SGS artist explained, “neighborhood life generates stories. Many are forgotten, while others live on to form a narrative unique only to us. Whether a story emanates from a living room, corner store, playground, or intersection, there is always a visual language that holds it together. The collection of symbols and signs that make up Corner Light use a vocabulary best understood by those who have contributed to the story of Cleveland. Corner Light is a monument to what gives us character, the neighborhoods that emanate from our city’s center.”

Corner Light is another innovative addition to the Landform public art series in Public Square, which features projects of varied scale and media developed by a diverse group of local, regional, and international artists. Landform is made possible through a generous grant from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation.

Corner Light will be on display through the summer of 2018.

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