An Executive Director looks back at a busy first year


I became executive director of Art House early in the Spring of 2016. This is a short list of highlights, both from our community-based events, and the progress of the organization during my first year:

  • The First Annual ABC Chili Cook-Off: A very warming, fun introduction to the Art House community
  • Making new friends (including Metro Zoo staff)
  • Bringing more friends to ArtHouse
  • Introductions to Funders who continue to support ArtHouse
  • The Day at Brinsley Tyrell’s Farm: a truly special time for everyone
  • Raising the Blossom Mural, (2011, Denison School students with Kristen Cliffel) so that it shines over the WHOLE Art House Studio
  • Facilitating the more regular display of more artwork, especially with the addition of a donated display case, thanks to the Cleveland Museum of Art, to showcase Art House artists
  • The recent meeting with Art House’s Arts-in-Education artists: a great turn-out and very productive


Our 2017 Strategic Plan has begun, thanks to support from the Cleveland Foundation


ArtHouse, Inc.

3119 Denison Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44109



2nd Annual ABC Chili Cook-off: 3 pm Saturday, March 11

The first 100 people to purchase tickets ($15) receive a bowl. See who is competing against last years’ winner!

Community Culture Night: 8:30 pm Friday, March 31, featuring lecture by Martinez E-B

Family Open Studio, free, Saturdays 1- 3 pm: March 18, April 15, May 20

Family Clay Day, $20/family of 4, 10 am – noon Saturdays, arch 25, May 24, July 22

TBA: Inventory Swap Challenge: Come watch artists as they create artwork from another’s cast-offs.

Go to for more information about classes and workshops.