Art and Artists live in Tremont

There’s a rumor that Tremont is no longer a haven for artists, a rumor that gentrification is not the artist’s friend. Not so in Tremont, where artists thrive and transform their community by reimagining what a creative lifestyle means.

Beginning in the late 1970s, artist of all persuasions—painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, chefs, arts educators, graphic artists—began moving in. By 2011, Tremont had the largest concentration of artists on the west side and second in the city only to the University Circle-Coventry area. Along the way, Tremont helped move our region from “Rust Belt” to “Artists Belt,” as profiled in the study “Putting Artists on the Map” by Community Partnership for Arts & Culture (CPAC).

In 2016, Tremont’s artistic legacy continues to grow. Tremont artists delivered a summer and fall of creativity, bringing in tens of thousands of visitors from around the city and region. Artists and businesses collaborated to bring new life to the Tremont ArtWalk, in its new incarnation as Walkabout Tremont, which maintains the second Friday of each month in Tremont as the place to go for art, fashion, music, performances and dining. Ongoing annual events include the Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival, Arts in August, Arts Renaissance Tremont and the Taste of Tremont.

How does this happen in a community of only 8,000 residents? CPAC speaks about artists in the region creating a more organic relationship between artists and their neighbors. And no neighborhood is more enmeshed with Cleveland’s unique blend of grit and cool than Tremont, where artists take the lead in building a unique brand of community development.

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The monthly Walkabout Tremont continues throughout the winter months:

November 11, December 9, January 13, February 10

Ongoing monthly artist openings at LOOP, Fat Cats, Hartshorn Studios, Doubting Thomas, Fahrenheit, Edisons, Ty Fun, Flying Monkey, Calluna, Paul Duda Gallery, Giancarlo Calicchia Gallery, Akedemik, Grumpy’s, Biago Gallo Gallery and Post 1.



Walkabout Tremont

c/o Tremont West Development

2406 Professor Ave.,

Cleveland OH, 44113