Fall, 2016 Events

Fall, 2016 Events

by Anastasia Pantsios


Your easy, chronological guide to what Northeast Ohio galleries and museums have coming up in the next few months. More information about many of these exhibits can be found elsewhere in the pages of CAN. Enjoy the shows!





Through August 28. Threads: Three American Stories: Helen Murrell, Justin Woodie & Martin Zeinway. WATERLOO ARTS


Through September 3. Snack AKRON ART MUSEUM


Through SepFamily Open Studio: Every 3rd Saturday. ART HOUSE

tember 10. Paul-Henri Bourguignon: Citizen of the World. ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE


Through September 11. Surface, Strata and Substance. Closing reception, September 11, 1-2:30 pm. Beachwood Community Center Gallery.


Through September 16. Dean Shaffer: Studies from Director Observation. BAYARTS


Through September 16. Mary Ann Sedivy: Intuitive Variations. BAYARTS


Through September 17. Confluence: 12 Collaborations. MORGAN CONSERVATORY


Through September 23. Face Value. HEDGE GALLERY


Through September 23. Scale3. CLEVELAND PRINT ROOM


Through September 28. Stag at Sharkey’s: George Bellows and the Art of Sports. CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART


Through October 3. View with a Twist:  Leonard Trawick, etchings, watercolors and acrylics. STREETER GALLERY, JUDSON PARK


Through October 9. BIG: Photographs from the Collection. CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART

With the advent of new equipment that allowed photographers to print on a massive scale in the last three decades, there’s been a sort of nuclear arms race to produce massive photos to rival large-scale murals. The Cleveland Museum of Art’s exhibit BIG features a mere eight photos produced between 1986 and 2014. Unsurprising all but one of the artists are men; there’s a chest-puffing, testosterone-fueled quality to producing such huge photos that appear to be trying to trump their rivals. Meanwhile, the viewer can reflect on how one’s relationship to a photo shifts from a palm-sized tintype to something that wouldn’t fit on the largest wall in your house.




Through October 22. Cleveland and the Birth of the American Moving Picture Poster. ARTNEO


Through October 23 Arts and Stories from Mughal India. CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART


Through October 23. Imagine Wally Kaplan, portraits and scenes, domestic and exotic. JUDSON PARK HOWSON GALLERY


Through November 16. Elegance and Intrigue: French Society in 18th-Century Prints and Drawings. CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART


Through December 4. Daniel Graham/Rocks. TRANSFORMER STATION

New York artist Daniel Graham has had a long and varied career, working in photography, video, sculpture, installation, performance and conceptual art, often in combination. He opened a gallery in the mid ’60s that showed some of the leading lights of minimalism and wrote extensively about art and culture. His 1984 piece Rock My Religion is an experimental film serving as a commentary on the intersection of rock music and worship practices. That piece is part of this exhibit which also includes one of his large-scale sculptural “pavilions” which visitors can explore from multiple angles.




Through May 21, 2017. Conversations: Past and Present in Asia and America






Jimmy Kuehnle: Wiggle, Giggle, Jiggle. August 25-February 19, 2017.AKRON ART MUSEUM


Hidden Assembly; Moving Anthropologies. Opening reception August 26, 6-9pm. August 26-October 21. SPACES

In “Hidden Assembly,” eight artists or teams of artists address the dislocations occurring in the labor market due to technology and globalization. It focuses on how the workers that produce many of our goods and services and their conditions they labor under are mostly kept out of our view. It also looks at the ways in which artists have located and identified their workers and brought their situations to light. In the Vault, SPACES presents “Moving Anthropologies” featuring videos by three Portuguese artists.


Fred Wilson’s Wildfire Test Pit. August 30-June 12, 2017 ALLEN MEMORIAL ART MUSEUM


Fred Wilson: Black to the Powers of Ten. August 30-June 12, 2017. ALLEN MEMORIAL ART MUSEUM


Time Well Spent: Art and Temporality. August 30-December 23 ALLEN MEMORIAL ART MUSEUM


Sixty Paintings from the Bible and To Speak Her Heart. Opening reception September 1, 5-8 pm. Opening night gallery talks: Archie Rand, 4 pm;  Leslie A. Golomb and Barbara Broff Goldman, 6 pm. September 1-October 8. THE GALLERIES AT CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY
Faculty Exhibition. September 1-October 9. CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART REINBERGER GALLERY


The Technical Specialist Exhibition. September 1-October 9. CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART ROULET STUDENT AND ALUMNI GALLERY


Walk All Over Waterloo. September 1, 5-9pm. WATERLOO ARTS DISTRICT


Herbert Ascherman Jr: 40 Years. Opening reception September 2, 6-9 pm. September 2-October 15. HEIGHTS ARTS GALLERY


Without Commercial Interruption: Donald Black, Jr, Amber N Ford, & EB Martinez. September 2-October 21. WATERLOO ARTS


New Works by Mindy Tousley and Lisa Kenion. September 2-October 1. HARRIS STANTON CLEVELAND GALLERY


Eric Rippert: Full of Promise. Opening reception September 2, 5-9pm. September 2 – October 16, MARIA NEIL ART PROJECT MAIN GALLERY; through September 30, NATIVE CLEVELAND ANNEX




New Now 2016. ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE AT GALLERIES OF TRI-C EAST. September 6-October 6. Opening Reception: September 6th, 6:00-8:30 pm


All Things Cleveland: NOIS Annual Exhibition. September 9-October 3 THE ART GALLERY, WILLOUGHBY


Printed Pulp: Drypoint on Various Fibers Workshop with Beth Sheehan. September 7-11, 10 am-4 pm. MORGAN CONSERVATORY


Opening reception for fall exhibitions, including informal tours with artist Fred Wilson. September 8, 5-8 pm. ALLEN MEMORIAL ART MUSEUM

Installation artist Fred Wilson has put together a pair of exhibits that will show in this Oberlin museum throughout the entire academic year. Wilson questions assumptions about art, cultural and society by making changes in the art and environment he finds in museums, rearranging them to bring viewers up short. For instance, his “Wildfire Test Pit” uses items from the Allen’s collection as well as some borrowed objects, to reconfigure the King Sculpture Court to create “an illusory space of ruin and redemption.” In doing so, he reflects on who and what is valued and remembered and who is marginalized. In “Black to the Power of Ten” brings together painting, sculpture, prints, video and glass works to confront issues of race and how history is written.


Walkabout Tremont. September 9-11


5th Annual Hispanic Heritage Exhibition. September 9-October 9. BECK CENTER For THE ARTS


En Plein Air Art Exhibit. September 9-October 12. VALLEY ART CENTER


The Ecstasy of St. Kara/Kara Walker: New York. September 9-December 31. CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART


Dresden Exchange Foreign Affairs Exhibition, featuring German resident artists Sunjte Sagerer & Nina Holzweg, Opening reception, September 10, 1-3 pm, artist talk, 2 pm. September 10-17. ZYGOTE PRESS


Art House Benefit.  September 10. ART HOUSE


Moondance annual BAYarts benefit. September 10. BAYARTS


Upside Down, Back to Back and Side by Side: Double Book Structures Workshop with Fran Kovac. September 10-11, 10 am-4 pm. MORGAN CONSERVATORY


Berea Arts Fest. September 11.


Closing reception, Surface, Strata and Substance. September 11, 1-2:30 pm. Beachwood Community Center Gallery.


First Responders, As We See Them, As They Are. Opening reception: September 15, 5:30-8 pm. September 15-November 5. ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE


Lunch on Fridays presents Creativity Works. September 16, 12:15-1:30 pm. CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART PETER B. LEWIS THEATER


Third Fridays. September 16, 5-9 pm. 78TH STREET STUDIOS

23rd Annual Art-tini Auction, September 16-23. HARRIS STANTON AKRON GALLERY


Islamic World Papermaking workshop with Radha Pandey. September 16-18, 10 am-4 pm MORGAN CONSERVATORY


Grant Cleveland. September 16-October 21. GALLERY + at 78TH STREET STUDIOS


YADA YADA YADA: A Seinfeld Art Exhibit. September 16-October 21.   E11EVEN2 GALLERY

E11even2 Gallery in the 78th Street Studios showcases art that’s inviting even to people who aren’t art experts, with its artists — both its regulars and those who only participate for a single show —drawing on pop culture themes, diverse genres and materials and often, a keen sense of humor. Most are group shows, united by a theme and that’s true of this show where artists with riff on the popular ’90s sitcom “about nothing.” They’re promising the humor quotient will be even higher than usual.


Spotlight: Sarah Kabot. September 16-October 22. HEIGHTS ARTS GALLERY


Cinema 07: An Exhibition of Cinema Inspired Art. September 16-November 12. KENNETH PAUL LESKO GALLERY


Phyllis Seltzer: A Feast of Americana. September 16-November 30. ARTNEO


Strange Melancholy: The Magic Realism of Hazel Janicki. September 16-November 18. ARTNEO

Magic realism could be considered a second cousin to surrealism, marrying intensely detailed and realistically depicted subjects in fantastic and unreal settings. The London-born Janicki, who moved to Cleveland as a child in the late 20s, was known for painting this style. She brought the influence of the Old Masters (as well as the Surrealists, especially Giorgio de Chirico) to bear on theatrical subjects such as circus, ballet and street performers, giving them an elusive, ephemeral and detached quality.


Powerful Print Portfolios workshop with Rory Sparks. September 17-18, 10 am-4 pm. MORGAN CONSERVATORY


Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival. September 17-18. LINCOLN PARK

About two years ago, Tremont residents began talking about how many artists still lived and worked in the neighborhood, despite the closing of most of its once-numerous galleries. And they observed that while this festival, now going into its 18th year, showcased neighborhood organizations and performers, most of the many artists and craftspeople who applied for booths were from outside the ’hood. They remedied that last year with a cluster of tents devoted to a gallery-style showing of work by Tremont artists, some with national reputations. It was such a hit they’re doing it again this year.
Neil MacDonald: Pilgrimage September 17-November 18. SHAHEEN GALLERY




Family Open Studio: Every 3rd Saturday. ART HOUSE



Christopher Leeper & Dan Knepper: Ohio Views: Light & Shadow. September 22 – October 29. SULLIVAN GALLERY, BAYARTS


Art Therapy Studios Art Loan Benefit. September 23, 7-10 pm. SHAKER HEIGHTS COUNTRY CLUB


Ohio Plein Air Society. September 23-25. BAYARTS


Ingenuity: Awakenings. September 23-25. ST CLAIR SUPERIOR NEIGHBORHOOD


Darius Steward AIR Exhibition. Opening Reception September 23, 6-8 pm Artist talk October 8, 1-3 pm 6 – 8 pm September 23. September 23-October 29. ZYGOTE PRESS

Current Zygote artist in residence Darius Steward is quickly catching the eye of Cleveland art lovers, with solo shows in the last few years at the former Busta Gallery and the Maria Neil Art Project. The CIA graduate, who also has an MFA from the University of Delaware, grounds his work in the black body, examining how it interacts with its environment through his artful use of form and space. His social commentary is oblique, but his work thrums with tension, strength and occasionally pathos.


Boppin’ Into the Wild Blue. September 23-October 29. THE SCULPTURE CENTER


Anders Ruhwald: Unit 1: 3583 Dubois. September 23-January 8, 2017. MOCA CLEVELAND

In 2014, artist Anders Ruhwald bought a crumbling Detroit apartment building that was formerly 3583 Dubois, but renumbered by the city to be 2170 Mack. Exploring the issues of memories being erased and potentially revived, of the decay and renewal for which Detroit provides a wealth of material, Ruhwald is not just restoring the building but also creating a permanent installation in one of the units, using discarded materials from the building and the neighborhood as well as his ceramic works. At MOCA he’ll create full-sized rooms and corridors based on his Detroit installation.


Wall to Wall: Carpets by Artists. September 23-January 17, 2017. MOCA CLEVELAND


Family Clay Days. September 24. ART HOUSE

Perpetual Ephemera. Opening reception September 30, 5-9 pm, gallery talk, October 22, 1pm. September 30-November 5. CLEVELAND PRINT ROOM


Chinese Lantern Box, with Steve Pittelkow. September 24-25, 10 am-4 pm. MORGAN CONSERVATORY





Annual Benefit and Silent Auction. October 1. MORGAN CONSERVATORY


Intersections: Artists Master Line and Space: Karl and Bertl Arnstein and Judith Bear October 1-January 15, 2017, ISROFF GALLERIES, AKRON ART MUSEUM


Collecting African American Art with David Lusenhop. October 5, 6:30-8 pm. ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE


Walk All Over Waterloo. October 7, 5-9 pm. WATERLOO ARTS DISTRICT


Thump…Dump, Clump, Lump… Bump! Opening reception October 7, 5-8 pm. October 7-November 19. BONFOEY GALLERY


Gary & Laura Dumm: Here There Be Monsters. Opening reception October 7, 7-9pm. October 7-27. BAYARTS

The long marriage of graphic artists Gary and Laura Dumm has produced some unique collaborative projects in addition to their individual work. Their pop art influences come out in this new series, which addresses environmental issues using iconic movie monsters to comment on the results of heedless human destruction. The colorful, incongruously cheerful works mock the potentially “monstrous” impact of climate change, genetic engineering pesticide use, water and air pollution, and the amount  of trash we leave behind.


Adam Chuck: Supconscious. October 7-October 30. MARIA NEIL ART PROJECT NATIVE CLEVELAND ANNEX


Studio Tours with Founding Artists. Artist tba. October 8, 1-2:30 pm.  ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE


Brock Winans: Photography and Prints. October 12-November 19. BECK CENTER FOR THE ARTS


The People’s Art Show Art Drop-off. October 14-15, 10 am-4 pm. THE GALLERIES AT CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY


Walkabout Tremont. October 14-16


Denise Bookwalter and Susan Warner Keene. Opening reception October 14, 6:30-8:30 pm. October 14-December 10. MORGAN CONSERVATORY


Mariano Gonzales: Curiosities. Opening reception October 14, 7-10 pm. October 14-January 27, 2017. 1point618 Gallery




Family Open Studio: Every 3rd Saturday. ART HOUSE


Valley Art Center Fall Fundraiser. October 15. VALLEY ART CENTER


Studio Tours with Founding Artists. Artist tba. October 15, 1-2:30 pm.  ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE


Liz Maugans, Lisa Schonberg, Amy Casey, Wendy Partridge, Nicole Schneider, Abbey Blake & Paula Zinsmeister. October 15-November 15.  BEACHWOOD ARTS ALLIANCE AT BEACHWOOD COMMUNITY CENTER GALLERY


The Textile Art Alliance Wearable Art Fashion Show & Boutique. October 16, 10:30 am-5 pm. EXECUTIVE CATERERS AT LANDERHAVEN



Cleveland Print Room Fifth Annual FOTO Brunch Fundraiser at Mahall’s 20 Lanes in Lakewood, 11am – 2pm



Third Fridays. October 21, 5-9 pm. 78TH STREET STUDIOS


Architectonic: encaustic paintings by Christopher Kier; Fabric of Time: recent works by Carmen Romine. October 21-December. HEDGE GALLERY at 78TH STREET STUDIOS


Joshua Eiskamp. October 21-November 18. GALLERY + at 78TH STREET STUDIOS


Art Criticism for Artists, with Dottie Shinn. October 22, 1-3:00 pm. ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE


Cheating Death: Portrait Photography’s First Half Century. October 22-February 5, 2017. CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART


The People’s Art Show. October 28-December 8. THE GALLERIES AT CLEVELAND STATE UNIVERSITY






Northern Ohio Illustrators Society presents Jenny Campbell and Denise Reynolds. November 1, 7pm. CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART
7 PM Nov 1, 2016


Artist Fred Wilson speaks about his museum interventions, as well as his own work. November 3, 5 pm. ALLEN MEMORIAL ART MUSEUM


The Baron of Prospect Avenue: A Sneak Peek at John “Derf” Backderf’s New Graphic Novel. November 4-25. WATERLOO ARTS


November 4-26. FLUX METAL ARTS


Anniversary open house. November 5. FLUX METAL ARTS

Forbes House Fundraiser. November 5-30, 10% of all gallery purchases benefit Forbes House. FLUX METAL ARTS


Encaustic Exhibition. November 4-December 3. HARRIS STANTON AKRON GALLERY


Walk All Over Waterloo. November 4, 5-9 pm. WATERLOO ARTS DISTRICT


Pita Brooks: Bite Size. November 4-November 30. MARIA NEIL ART PROJECT NATIVE CEVELAND ANNEX


Alternative Movie Posters. November 4-December 11. MARIA NEIL ART PROJECT MAIN GALLERY


Annual Juried Art Exhibition. November 4-December 14. VALLEY ART CENTER


15th annual holiday store. November 4-December 30. HEIGHTS ARTS GALLERY


Walkabout Tremont. November 11-13


Loreto Greve, Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion Artist-in-Residence exhibition. Opening reception November 11, 5-9 pm. Gallery talk, November 12, 1 pm. November 11-23. CLEVELAND PRINT ROOM


The Hum: A SPACES R&D artist exhibition, in collaboration with the Davis Sculpture Foundation. November 11-December 17.  THE SCULPTURE CENTER


Apparat: Retrogression through Technological Progress. November 11-December 17.  THE SCULPTURE CENTER


Annual Kozo Harvest. November 1213, 10 am-4 pm. MORGAN CONSERVATORY

Kozo, or paper mulberry, is one of the basic fibers of Japanese papermaking , an art form taught and practiced at the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory. Behind its building, it grows its own kozo. Annually it invites volunteers to join the harvest to gather a supply for another year of work in its studio.


20th Anniversary Founder’s Exhibition and Oral Histories Documentary Premiere. Opening Reception November 19, 1-3 pm., November 10-December 17. ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE


Third Fridays. November 18, 5-9 pm. 78TH STREET STUDIOS


3rd Annual International Exhibition, November 18-December 17. HARRIS STANTON CLEVELAND GALLERY



Family Open Studio: Every 3rd Saturday. ART HOUSE


Pure Color: Pastels from the Cleveland Museum of Art. November 19-March 19, 2017. CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART


Limelight: Celebrating Local Art & Artists. November 24-January 8, 2017. BECK CENTER FOR THE ARTS


Family Clay Days. November 26. ART HOUSE


BAYarts Holiday Gallery. November 29-December 24. BAYARTS


Eva Hesse – free screening of the 2016 documentary about the conceptual artist. December 8, 5:30 p.m. ALLEN MEMORIAL ART MUSEUM.

German-American sculptor Eva Hesse produced groundbreaking work that utilized unconventional, industrial materials, including discarded and recycled material, to explore and expand ideas grounded in the minimalist movement, which was extant during the peak of her powers in the 1960s. Had she not died of a brain tumor tragically young at age 34 in 1970, she undoubtedly would have had a rich, deep body of work, given the power of what she produced in 10 years. But her early death merely fueled her legend. The new documentary Eva Hesse explores that legend. If you saw the recent Cleveland Museum of Art show delving into the creative relationship between Hesse and fellow artist Sol LeWitt, you’ll surely want to attend this screening of the film at the Oberlin museum.


Get to Know the Archives! December 9, 6-7:30 pm. ARTISTS ARCHIVES OF THE WESTERN RESERVE