Creative Fusion Outcomes: Ivan Andres Lecaros Correa and Taller Aguafuerte


Santiago, Chile artist Ivan Lecarros Correa says his primary goal as a Creative Fusion resident at Zygote Press was “to learn how to manage a shop, how to deal with people and how to make the community get involved.” His private studio Taller Aguafuerte had students, but he wanted to engage more people and grow. Zygote executive director Liz Maugans and board president Bellamy Printz invited him to board meetings and showed him how they manage money and legal matters, but above all how they interact with people.  He took his newfound understanding of community engagement back to Santiago, and Taller Aguafuerte grew immensely, and now has a fully equipped shop with 40 members and its own gallery offering several exhibitions annually. “The skills and techniques Liz taught me transcend the mere management stuff. Whatever nice thing we have achieved here is because of the simplest advice ever. She told me to always be the better man, and with that she changed my life completely.”