Popeye Explores Eternal Return and Monsters


Eternal Return

March 18 – April 15, 2016

Michael Meier and Christian Michael Mickovic both earned BFAs from the Cleveland Institute of Art—Meier in Drawing / painting in 2010, and Mickovic in Painting / drawing in 2012. Both also earned MFA degrees—Meier from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis in 2012, and Mickovic  at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI in 2015.

“The reference of eternal return becomes interesting in its breadth of usage,” Meier says, noting that the term is used in explorations of religion, philosophy, and science. “In reference to our work, I think in idea and in form it relates to the construction of meaning that Christian and I both strive for in our work–a form of multiplicity that is conditioned by the age of information. That information can be posited into several means and ends in which to communicate, like music, which can and has been used in many ways to exemplify multiple belief systems.”


Rust Belt Monster Collective

May 20 – June 17, 2016

In May and June, Popeye hosts a special exhibition by the Rust Belt Monster Collective (RBMC). The show will feature dozens of large-scale murals and serve as the launch party for  RBMC’s first book, which documents most of the 40+ murals they have  painted live in front of audiences during events around town, including at the Cleveland Museum of Art, IngenuityFest, Brite Winter, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and BAYarts.

RBMC co-founder Randy Crider says the murals – painted on panels and stored afterward–”end up being a nice scrap book of Cleveland art events over the past four years. We’re going to hang as many as we can on the walls.”

The RBMC includes Erin Caruso, Randy Crider, James Giar, Ben Hale, Tim Switalski and Craig Worrell. The origins of RBMC and Popeye are both tied to Collinwood’s Waterloo Arts District. RBMC met in Dr. Sketchy live drawing events at the Beachland,  just steps from the site of Popeye’s first exhibition.

“We started with a blog (rustbeltmonster.com), but  it quickly became clear that we were strongest working together in front of an audience,” Crider ellaborates. “We’ve all supported each other through marriages, babies and bad super hero adaptations.  It’s corny as hell, but through painting we became a family. So we jump at any chance to paint together.”

They’ll do that at the closing reception, June 17.

For more information about Popeye Gallery, or to submit artwork for future consideration, please contact  Omid.Tavakoli@popeyegallery.com or  Josh.Usmani@popeyegallery.com.

Popeye Presents at Survival Kit
1305 W. 80th Street
Suite 303
Cleveland, OH 44102


Eternal Return: New Works by Michael Meier & Christian Michael Mickovic: March 18 – April 15

Rust Belt Monster Collective: The First Four Years: May 20 – June 17

Receptions for each opening and closing, Third Fridays, 5 – 9 pm.

Survival Kit co-founder Brian Straw presents music every Third Friday at 9 pm.