Galleries at CSU: Quest for Visual Splendor


The Galleries at CSU have an exceptionally diverse group of exhibitions planned for this spring:

In the North Gallery, 85 year old New York City based, world renowned artist Liz Quisgard presents: The Ornamental Impulse: Form, Pattern, and Color. This exhibition represents a manifestation of a compelling, personal quest for visual splendor spanning several decades. Propitiously for CSU, Liz Quisgard has graciously offered many of the works in the exhibition as a gift to Cleveland State University.

In the Center Gallery, Cleveland Heights-based visual artist, musician, and trans* advocate Craig Matis presents: Tightrope: Walk The Line — a wall installation that addresses the subject of the trans* community, and other works including artist books, video with original music, and graphic works.

In the Media Room, conceptual artist Blake Cook, Professor of Art at Tri-C, presents Empty Gestures – Innovative experiments in video and sound, exploring personal space and intimacy.

Finally, In the South Gallery, Ron Kroutel, Professor of Art, Ohio University, Athens, presents: Go Figure: The Lone Figure as Subject – compelling images of the human form representing the interior psychological experience of the isolated individual.



The Ornamental Impulse: Form, Pattern, and Color: March 10 – April 16

Tightrope: Walk the Line: March 10 – April 16, 2016

Go Figure: March 10 – April 16, 2016

Empty Gestures: In the media room, March 10 – April 16

Gallery Conversation at 4pm, followed by a reception 5-8 pm Thursday, March 10



The Galleries at Cleveland State University

1307 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115




Liz Whitney Quisgard, “Quartet of Squares #1”