Finding an Outlet at Art Therapy Studio


Carol has been creative throughout the years with watercolors, making quilts and dolls, drawing book covers and exploring various media. Now retired, she has returned to art for self-discovery and self-expression.

“I attended workshops as a nurse, so I knew about art therapy” Carol says. Years later, when exploring her life’s journey, Carol returned to the Art Therapy Studio where she had taken continuing education courses. “I could not talk openly to my therapist, but she asked me if I could draw, and that led to a whole new window of expression for me,” she says. “It’s like the windows are clean and I can see in new ways. I am 68 and that is really cool.”

Carol says understanding that the process of art “doesn’t have to be perfect” and can be a creative exploration for its own sake was liberating. “I am my own person. I can create as I choose; the approach at the Art Therapy Studio made me feel free for the first time. It was so nice discovering a place where I could do my own thing, and talk about it.”

“There is a difference in energy here,” she says. “I am an introvert and usually being in a large group of people drives me crazy. But I can sit here and draw my picture, and I am with people, but I have freedom to choose my interactions. For me, that is really great. I can be me here.”

Carol says she invites people to come to sessions at the Art Therapy Studio. “If I find someone who will come with me, I ask them, because this is just such a different experience,” she says. “You can rediscover yourself at any age.”

Art Therapy Studio

12200 Fairhill Road

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