Fall Exhibits at the Galleries at Cleveland State University

The Galleries at Cleveland State University are delighted to announce exciting exhibition season for the fall semester of 2013.

August 30 through October 12, we celebrate the human imagination with two exhibitions that explore the relationship of personal imagery and collective memory.

In the North Gallery we present Based on a True Story, paintings by the Cuban-born Cleveland-based artist Augusto Bordelois, known for his colorful and compelling images of men, women, and animals that populate a strangely realistic world of symbolism and narrative.

In the South Gallery, the internationally celebrated team Kahn & Selesnick will present their latest project, Truppe Fledermaus and the Carnival at the End of the World, consisting of enigmatic photographs and prints reminiscent of outlandish 19th Century technology that appears to have 21st Century outcomes.

October 25 through December 7, the Galleries present two exhibitions of diverse sensibilities:

In the North Gallery, Polish artist Przemyslaw Jasielski will produce a site-specific installation. Przemyslaw is known for his conceptually based, meticulously crafted explorations of science and technology. Przemyslaw comes to CSU by way of the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion program, in collaboration with The Sculpture Center.


In the South Gallery, we collaborate with The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra to celebrate the legacy of Miles Davis. The exhibition: Two Minds . . . One Canvas presents his collaborative work with painter Jo Gelbard in a profusion of forms and patterns that visually evoke the expressive power of Jazz.


Augusto Bordelois: Based on a True Story

Kahn & Selesnick: Truppe Fledermaus and the Carnival at the End of the World

August 30 – October 12


Przemyslaw Jasielski Installation

Gelbard and Davis: Two Minds . . . One Canvas

October 25 – December 7


The Galleries at Cleveland State University

1307 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115