Zoetik: of or pertaining to life. [Gr. zoe, life]

Waterloo Arts’ latest program, Zoetic Walls is a street art project in which artists from around the world will enliven public spaces in Cleveland with new murals.


The first paintings are concentrated in the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District, in order to create a visual impact and further define our district as an ‘art-space’. We are thrilled to be partnering with, Nick Marzullo and Seth Mooney of Pawn Works on the project. Both are Cleveland natives who met up again down the road in Chicago.


Pawn Works, as a collective, began in 2006 as a way to showcase familiar artists. They were formerly a brick and mortar gallery out of a storefront in Chicago, Illinois, showcasing graffiti-style artworks—a street art focus in a gallery setting. With the addition of Seth Mooney, in 2010, Pawn Works began to tap into the global network of artists who are generally known for using their work as a form of social practice.


The two have gone from fan to peer with many of the leaders of this new contemporary art movement and have since taken a much more community based approach to their artistic endeavors. We hope that more conversation about public art will surface around the project. The murals started in April and will continue until we run out of room or funds. For, more details check out Zoetic Walls Cleveland on Facebook.



Waterloo Arts

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Comic Art curated by Angela Oster

July 5 – 27


Michelle Murphy solo exhibit

August 2 – 31


CPAC Workforce Fellow

September 6 – 28