Westlake-Westshore Arts Council Promotes Visiting Artists, Deutschman Studio Demo, and Community of Fine Arts Juried Exhibition

Award winning visual journalists Andrea Levy and Chris Morris, both of the Plain Dealer,showed and discussed a prolific number of illustrations and filled second semester classrooms with energy during their time as visiting artists at Westlake High School. Examples of their art, as companion to text, were sometimes humorous and other times serious. Their oeuvre proved them perpetually engaged and insatiably involved in their occupation, inspiring to both students and faculty. The classroom visits were arranged by the W-WAC.

Illustration by Andrea Levy, courtesy of The Plain Dealer

With support from Nordson Corporation for an Educational Event, W-WAC will facilitate an Afternoon in the Studio of Painter Mary Deutschman ( 1-5 pm June 22, 2013). Known for her powerful use of color, and inviting compositions of jazz musicians from Cleveland and New Orleans, scenes from the Westside Market, California beaches, the Metroparks and more, Deutschman will present a“Journey from a Sketch Book to a Gallery.” Applications and details to attend this afternoon in Deutschman’s studio can be found on the W-WAC website.

The W-WAC 14th Annual Community of Fine Arts Juried Exhibition at Westlake Porter Public Library will run August 5th through 17th, with a Meet the Artist Reception on the 17th. Entrance forms and show details, including awards information, can be found on the W-WAC website.

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