No Pain, No Worries, Only Art . . . At Art Therapy Studio

When I am doing art, nothing exists but the work in front to me. I am barely aware of the other people in the room. There is no pain there, and no worries. Only the art.”

Margot’s world changed several years ago when she suffered a stroke at age 57. “I became depressed,” she said. “I continued substitute teaching because I didn’t know what else to do.”

A friend’s suggestion led her to a “Discover thoe Artist Within You” watercolor class at Art Therapy Studio’s Ursuline ArtSpace studio, however, and the rest is history.

Margot’s family is thrilled with her newfound passion. Margot recently exhibited her work at Beachwood Community Center, her first show. Five of her pieces are displayed in her brother’s home. Two works hang in the front hall—they are the first thing you see upon entering.

When asked what she likes best about creating art, Margot replied: “I create something beautiful that will last, and, hopefully, bring pleasure to those who see it.”

Discover the Artist Within You” classes help people like Margot develop their artistic talent as they deal with pain, stress, and the life-altering changes resulting from serious illness and disability. Summer classes begin July 9.



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Discover the Artist Within You

classes begin July 9.