The Sculpture Center Exhibitions and Performances

Rondle West: MozART | Sarah Hahn: Of Gods and Demigods, Relics and Souvenirs
2013 W2S artists
Trough April 13

Rebecca Cross: Grief Like a River
A 2013 W2S performance
Exhibition April 19–20 | Free Performance April 19, 8pm

The Tragedy of the Comm ons | A Collaboration between Ali Momeni and Robin Meier
Mark Schatz: Universe
A 2013 W2S artist

April 26–June 1 | Free Reception and Artists talks : 5:30 – 8pm April 26
Gary Blowers: New Work
A 2013 W2S artist

Whitney Huber: Shift
A 2013 W2S performance
June 14–July 27 | Free performance at 5pm, reception and artist talks 5:30–8pm June 14