The Northern Ohio Art Dealers Association

In April 2012, the Northern Ohio Art Dealers Association (NOADA) organized an Art Expo at the Museum of  Contemporary Art’s former location on Carnegie Avenue. The three day event was a great opportunity to showcase  some of the area’s most well-established galleries and art dealers.

Having so many art dealers come together under one roof provided attendees a rare chance to see a diverse group of  powerful artwork while saving hours of travel time and scheduling. The attendees were treated to an impressive  selection of Historical and Contemporary art—from local, regional, national and international artists. Artwork on display  included sculpture, art glass, paintings, drawings, prints, photography, and digital and video art.

The mission of NOADA is to promote professional standards for a group of select, established galleries and art dealers in  Northern Ohio. Membership is by invitation. The organization provides a venue for members to exchange scholarship  and expertise with other members and the public. An annual Art Expo is the central focus of the organization’s public  outreach. In the future, lectures and seminars will be scheduled to further the knowledge and education of art  enthusiasts in Ohio.

NOADA currently has twelve members and aspires to grow to a state wide presence. The 2013 Art Expo is currently  being planned.